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Beyonce, duh

November 6, 2008

Did you know this album is about 70% jams? Truth. It's been sitting my iTunes for awhile now, and while I've always enjoyed "Upgrade U" and "Deja Vu" it never occured to me that the surrounding tracks would be just as good. "Get Me Bodied", "Green Light", those fuckers kill. I guess that new Beyonce album is sorta disappointing in comparison. 

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Not to change the subject

November 5, 2008

But did anyone else watch 90210 last night? Seriously. 

+'s- Shanae Grimes plays a pretty convincing drunk, until she has to give a monologue. Then she's a little too lucid. 
That guy Naomi likes makes a great grilled cheese and he HATES GAMES! Which makes sense, as he looks about 29. Lord knows I'm sick of games too. 
Rob Estes is a busy guy, with his job as principal, running an undercover vice operation, and keeping his shoes absolutely spotless. 
-'s That dude would have totally banged the ex-druggy. 
Where did cool teacher get the idea he could bang the undercover cop posing as a student and not have problems?  He's supposed be into Kelly…who is back in next week's episode! Tension. 

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Happy in Galoshes

November 4, 2008

The new Scott Weiland record, Happy In Galoshes, has leaked. Thoughts:

Galoshes starts with a typical modern rock in 08 sound, unoffensive and also fairly indistinct. This could be Scott Weiland just as much as it could be anyone else. Weiland switches gears about half way through and decides that he wants to ape his influences, so we get a Bowie cover ("Fame"), a Beatles/Beach Boys mish mash("Beautiful Day"), and whatever the hell "Big Black Monster" is. This entire second half feels especially indulgent, especially lyrically. Very reminiscent of the last STP record, Shangri-La-De-Da. In a word, it's pretty terrible in a bad idea sort of way. No one at any point told Scott Weiland that any of his ideas were bad ones, like the out of tune singing on "Paralysis" or the entire production of "She Sold Her System". The coup de grace in this case is the six minute closer "Be Not Afraid". Yes, a cover of  that old church hymn, stretched yowels and strummed electric guitar circa "Glycerine". Ugh-tastic. Still, not as boring as that last Beck record.

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Van She is like cheesy bread

November 3, 2008

Van She is comfort food music. Pleasant, well constructed Australian synth rock with a pop edge, it's like a kinder Phoenix, if you can believe that. Pretty good for work too. 

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