Happy in Galoshes

The new Scott Weiland record, Happy In Galoshes, has leaked. Thoughts:

Galoshes starts with a typical modern rock in 08 sound, unoffensive and also fairly indistinct. This could be Scott Weiland just as much as it could be anyone else. Weiland switches gears about half way through and decides that he wants to ape his influences, so we get a Bowie cover ("Fame"), a Beatles/Beach Boys mish mash("Beautiful Day"), and whatever the hell "Big Black Monster" is. This entire second half feels especially indulgent, especially lyrically. Very reminiscent of the last STP record, Shangri-La-De-Da. In a word, it's pretty terrible in a bad idea sort of way. No one at any point told Scott Weiland that any of his ideas were bad ones, like the out of tune singing on "Paralysis" or the entire production of "She Sold Her System". The coup de grace in this case is the six minute closer "Be Not Afraid". Yes, a cover of  that old church hymn, stretched yowels and strummed electric guitar circa "Glycerine". Ugh-tastic. Still, not as boring as that last Beck record.

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