Not to change the subject

But did anyone else watch 90210 last night? Seriously. 

+'s- Shanae Grimes plays a pretty convincing drunk, until she has to give a monologue. Then she's a little too lucid. 
That guy Naomi likes makes a great grilled cheese and he HATES GAMES! Which makes sense, as he looks about 29. Lord knows I'm sick of games too. 
Rob Estes is a busy guy, with his job as principal, running an undercover vice operation, and keeping his shoes absolutely spotless. 
-'s That dude would have totally banged the ex-druggy. 
Where did cool teacher get the idea he could bang the undercover cop posing as a student and not have problems?  He's supposed be into Kelly…who is back in next week's episode! Tension. 

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