Beyonce, duh

Did you know this album is about 70% jams? Truth. It's been sitting my iTunes for awhile now, and while I've always enjoyed "Upgrade U" and "Deja Vu" it never occured to me that the surrounding tracks would be just as good. "Get Me Bodied", "Green Light", those fuckers kill. I guess that new Beyonce album is sorta disappointing in comparison. 

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3 Responses to “Beyonce, duh”

  1. goldie Says:

    Get Me Bodied is so good. The extended version is even better. And the video rocks my socks.

  2. Lorin Says:

    Get Me Bodied has a video? How many videos did this album have? Yowza.

  3. goldie Says:

    I only remember this one, but maybe that's cus I had tunnel vision for this song/video cus it rocks so hard. Peep the video.

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