I never can understand some people

That said, Rob Zombie? What are you doing?

Zombie making 'Halloween' sequel

What happened to Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Looking over various internet stories, everyone treated this as a real deal. The Variety article has zero mentions, while IMDB still lists it as in pre production with a late August release date. Some people I know would argue otherwise, but that Halloween remake was aight at best. And while I like to think that Rob was indeed "inspired" after recording his new album, he wasn't inspired to create something new? Count me as one of the many disappointed. If there is anything positive to glean from this development, we can keep in mind that The Devil's Rejects was a sequel, and that movie is a stone classic. However, I know this Halloween sequel will not be as good, with a start date of March for rush release by October. I just don't understand people sometimes.

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