Dipping the Wick

Hi, my name is Lorin. Welcome to my new blog, Bad Guys Win.  I want to thank Justin Muschong for helping name this blog. The man used to be shit for thinking of titles, and then he drops solid gold right in my lap. Thanks, J. I had been trying to develop a mission statement for this blog, and Justin’s title perfectly suits it. Despite what film and television tell us, the bad guys usually win, and I aim to take the kind of sarcasm and cynicism that rises from that viewpoint and use it to examine the aspects of our culture that fascinate, thrill, and infuriate me. You know, like any other blog. Sticking out of the morass is tough enough in real life, let alone on the interweb. So we’ll see how this goes. I’m a pretty optimistic guy.

(Author’s note: All entries dated before July 30th 2009 were imported from a now deleted Vox blog. So you know why the format is fucked the fuck up.)


One Response to “Dipping the Wick”

  1. Amelia Says:

    I’m on board (finally!) waiting for you to spit fire, Lorin!

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