Grace is about this baby…

Grace does not signal a new voice in horror cinema. It steals from a couple obvious sources, is liberal with its bloodletting and is an equal opportunity offender of both liberals and conservatives. It is very entertaining.

The always game Jordan Ladd stars as Madeline, a married woman who is with child for the third time after two failed pregnancies. She is married to Michael and the film opens with the two having some pretty passionless sex. Michael’s mother Vivian is a control freak who brags of still being able to nurse despite her age and despises Madeline’s eating habits not to mention her decision to go to a midwife instead of a regular hospital doctor. As luck would have it, Michael and Madeline are in a car accident and Michael is killed. Plus, the baby appears to be stillborn. Madeline is distraught and demands she still give birth to the baby. The delivery surprisingly goes well and the baby is fine. Except for some dietary issues. Dun Dun DUNNNNNN!

I gave away quite a bit just with that, but it gets stranger and I enjoyed the ride. Madeline’s every shocking discovery involving the baby evokes a giggle and Vivian’s slow descent into a strange baby envy/oedipal hell is the highlight of the film. Vivian sitting beside her dead son’s race car bed, surrounded by pictures and clutching a breast pump is gold in my eyes.



I also enjoyed the equal opportunity scare tactics. Midwives, doctors, vegans, lesbians, in laws; Grace takes shots at all y’all. Not to mention the overall theme of having a baby by any means necessary. It’s kind of shocking to think that Madeline never considers what her baby might be when it grows up.


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