Spurred on by the world

Motivated by Pitchfork’s end of the decade lists and various other blogs devoted to counting down their favorite songs, albums, movies, and dance moves of the last ten years, Bad Guys Win will begin posting it’s list of the 100 Best Albums of the 2000’s. I’ve read a couple blogs that outline a criteria for their choices, talking about subjectivity versus objectivity and plenty other bullshit that sounds like someone covering their ass before they list off how much they love slow murder ballads and “Frontin'”. Own your shit. That’s what I plan to do. My list will consist of the one hundred albums I liked the most that came out between 2000 and the present. Albums I love that have good songs. That was my criteria. If you find as the list unfolds that you do not agree with all my choices and their placement on said list, remember that you are not me, I am not you, we are all unique individuals. Also, you are wrong, at least from my perspective. Feel free to disagree and make your own list, I would love to read it. Even if it makes me crazy. That’s what happened when I read the Complex Magazine list. I think their criteria was “Have it in by 5pm”.


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