Wunderstudies: Open mouths, big hearts, full of song (L to R- Brett Goodnack, Ayne Terceira, Dan Derks, Tessa Karel, Anna Gilchrist, Keara Kelly) Not pictured- Nathan Ratliff, Brett Bavar, Stephen Gottschalk

True story: Wunderstudies was my first experience with musical improv. My friend Andrea turned to me before the show and said, “You don’t strike me as a musical kind of guy.” “Wait, this a musical?” I replied, and I steeled myself for the show. But lo and behold, it was wonderful. Ayne Terceira performed a character I recall having the name Die Hard and the show was exuberant and joyous. The songs sounded like real tunes, written and¬†rehearsed. And of course the improv was stellar, supportive and hilarious. That show has remained the benchmark for all the musical improv I have watched ever since. The team is basically all top notch improv ringers, and it is no surprise that every Wunderstudies show I have made it to since has been full of great performances and wunderful songs(I’m sorry, I had to do it!). While I am saddened to hear that after two years together the group is ending(and even sadder that I won’t be able to see this last show), what a run they have had. Did you see that show they did about dogs? INCREDIBLE DOG WORK, BRETT GOODNACK! Stay wunderful, every last one of you. (OH LORD I DID IT AGAIN)

If you are in Pittsburgh, see off this fantastic team at 8pm tonight, Friday July 5th, at the Steel City Improv Theater, 5950 Ellsworth Ave.


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