About Bad Guys Win

Bad Guys Win is a website that I write and maintain in my free time. There is no set theme and the name of the site is essentially meaningless. I just thought it sounded cool. The best movie ever made is Face/Off and the worst movie ever made is probably Gran Torino. Thanks for reading. Argue with me in the comments.


One Response to “About Bad Guys Win”

  1. Zack Greenburg Says:

    Hey man,

    Really enjoyed your post about Decoded…and thought I’d tip you off to my recently-released biography of Jay-Z. It was published in March by Penguin, and definitely names names & details. More info at jayzbook.com. If you’re interested, I can have the folks at Penguin send you a review copy. Let me know!

    Zack Greenburg
    Forbes Staff Writer

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